About Us

Competing for a Cause was founded in October 2015 by amateur ballroom dancer Aiyesha Dey with the help of her teacher and professional dance partner Mayo Alanen. Mayo and Aiyesha wanted to give their hard work and dance goals a deeper meaning – for every goal they achieved they pledged to give something back to the community. This gave their dancing a bigger purpose and motivated them to work even harder. For every competition they participated in, they donated all of their winnings to the cause for the year.  This amplified the joy they received from achieving their goals, and they decided to create Competing For A Cause (CFAC), where a community of artists and athletes can come together and amplify their own personal goals and success through helping others. Since its inception CFAC has contributed towards helping orphans and homeless street children in India, children with disabilities and underprivileged senior citizens.   

While CFAC started with a small community of dancers, the vision is that this community will continue to grow over time to someday include individuals with interests in many different areas who come together to give back through their hobbies and passions.

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Our Logo

Can you see the trophy shape between the two hands in our logo? It symbolizes that the trophy we should be striving for is not a material one. A large part of the reward can be the joy you experience when working towards helping others.