Current cause

2018: Women Survivors of Cancer & Trauma


Asian Women For Health (AWFH) evolved from the Asian Breast Cancer Project to become a prominent “peer-led, community-based network dedicated to advancing Asian women’s health and wellness through education, advocacy, and support.”

There are many barriers that prevent Asian women from seeking timely medical attention for mental health and disease prevention. They struggle with acculturation, societal stigmas, and socioeconomic factors. Consequently, cancer deaths are increasing faster among Asian women than any other U.S. ethnic or racial group. AWFH plays a critical role in promoting health equity in diverse communities and increasing access to quality care and culturally relevant resources for underserved women.

Survivors of cancer and personal trauma can find hope, healing, and empowerment through a peer network that is built on shared personal experiences, empathy, and mutual support; the results are decreased hospitalization, suicide prevention, and an emphasis on overall holistic health. AWFH also influences the community dialogue around women’s health and wellness by engaging service providers and policy makers in their mission.

Countless survivors of cancer and personal trauma move away from a sense of isolation to a community that supports them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Many give back to others by becoming peer health educators, advocates, and ambassadors for AWFH.

Asian women for health’s approach:

EDUCATE: Education is the key to good health. AWFH provides culturally and linguistically appropriate information and training to dispel myths, increase health literacy, and improve health communication.

ADVOCATE: Advocacy is crucial in promoting health equity. AWFH works on policy at all levels to push for disaggregated data, and support equitable funding for impacted populations.

RECIPROCATE: Reciprocation is essential for growth. AWFH fosters a nurturing environment for collaboration, connection, and capacity-building.

The funds we raise will help support various programs, including: free breast and cervical cancer screenings, an annual Asian Mental Health Forum, data studies to inform policy makers on emerging health issues in the Asian community, and creative forums for women to connect and uplift each other.

Join us in our cause for this year and let’s stand not only WITH survivors, but FOR survivors today. Even a small donation from you can help Asian Women For Health expand their reach and serve more women and families.